100 things about me

one hundred things. about me.

Monday, December 29, 2003

one hundred things about me

1. I am the middle child, and have always felt very middle childish.
2. I type extremely fast but make a lot of errors.
3. I love sugary cereal. Especially kinds with marshmallows.
4. I am a colorado native.
5. I dont like to relax until everything is taken care of. I cannot rest or enjoy myself if i have unfinished business.

6. I drive an'87 subaru GL that I bought for $700.
7. One door doesnt open. One window doesnt roll down. One seatbelt doesnt work. The A/C doesnt work. The gas latch doesnt latch.
8. My favorite ice cream is caramel praline crunch which happens to be fat free.
9. I can't cook...yet. Egg sandwitches with cheese is my (only) specialty.
10. I love trips...and I love hotels, too. But I also hate trips because I hate the feeling when you have to leave a really fun trip.

11. Debra said that she organizes all the dirty dishes on tables at restaurants- SO DO I!!! charlie cant stand it.
12. I can eat until I am virtually blue in the face. It is scary, not funny.
13. I have only fallen in love once. Still am.
14. I scored a 27 on the ACT. Charlie scored a 29.
15. Once I get married, I will never get divorced.

16. I stole cough medicine from king soopers once. No, I wasnt sick. And yes, I got caught. I was with my grandma.
17. Charlie and were born 2 weeks and 3 days apart. We were both "scheduled" to be born on Halloween, though neither of us were.
18. I worry about my little brother.
19. I am eating cereal right now. My third bowl.
20. I have to get enough sleep. I simply cannot function unless I sleep at least 7 hours, or unless I dont sleep at all.

21. I prefer to sleep when someone else is still awake. I sleep very well with lights, tv, or music on. I almost prefer it.
22. Like my mom and dy, I hate talking on the phone.
23. More true, I hate small talk. I secretly cringe. It makes me feel extremely pressured, almost always makes me feel "fake".
24. I have always wanted glasses, and now I think I might actually need them.
25. I LOVE italian food. I work at Fazoli's, but will not eat it. It is not true italian.

24. I hate milk alone. I'll eat it with cereal though.
25. If i DO drink a glass of milk, i will never ever ever drink the last drink of it.
26. I love to organize things. I hate messes.
27. I collect kitchenware with "crazy daisy" designs on it.
28. I have way too much clothing. No matter how much I get rid of, it is never enough.
29. I am going to go to college to be a pharmacy tech.
30. I do very well in school without trying very hard. I hate school.

31. I have very few friends, but it doesn't bother me at all. My best friend is Charlie.
32. I love to make things. Gifts...food...whatever.
33. I try to read my bible every day. I got a new one for Christmas and its really great.
34. I have always felt that I can "read" people very well. I feel like I can sense other people's feelings almost too well.
35. I don't like candy or cookies with nuts. But I don't mind nuts alone.

36. Popcorn and m&m's (together) might be my favorite snack.
37. I am always cold. It sucks.
38. My neck always hurts.
39. I love massages. TOO MUCH.
40. I rarely buy things that aren't on sale (or preferably clearance).

41. It bugs me if i can't make plans in advance. It also bugs me if my plans get changed, even slightly.
42. Charlie hates plans, especially in advance.
43. I like both of my parents a lot. They are very different.
44. I am related to Dolly Parton. This is a big surprise to those who know my bra size.
45. I think too much. I speak to myself when I think. I feel a lot like Nick Cage in Adaptation.

46. My family drives me nuts, but somehow I love it when we are all together.
47. The only sport I can stand to watch is football. Only the Broncos.
48. I don't belong to any clubs or sports at my school, and havent since middle school.
49. I played basketball and volleyball in middle school, and I absolutely sucked. I was trying to find my place...and it wasnt there.
50. I don't play any instruments. I am interested in the guitar and the piano, but don't have the patience for either.

51. I sang in choir from 6-10th grade. I miss it a lot, and i stopped for a dumb reason.
52. I hated my nose when I was littler. Now I embrace it.
53. I think plastic surgery is morally wrong.
54. My mom and I enjoy each other's company most when it is just me and her.
55. I like to write, but only when there is no pressure.

56. I wish my sister would hurry up and have a baby.
57. So far, I have drank three sodas while writing this.
58. i have always only been attracted to thin guys with dark hair. I dont like muscles, i dont like meat. and I dont like blonde. charlie is thin with dark hair. I would love him even if he was fat.
59. During middle school, I spent many days in 'In-School-Suspension' for harmless acts of fun.
60. My 'In-School-Suspension" teacher once told me that "a job worth doing is worth doing well" and I dont think ill ever forget that.

61. During 3rd grade my teacher was out on Maternity leave and we had a substitute named Miss Turnipseed. I bought her a packet of turnip seeds.
62. I drink a lot of caffiene. So does my mom. So does my dad. I can drink caffiene right before bed and fall asleep fine. Maybe better.
63. Charlie drank a Dr. Pepper the other night and couldnt sleep for nearly 12 hours. He doesnt drink much caffiene.
64. My cats are really annoying. They like me the most because I like them the least.
65. I have one tattoo. It is pretty stupid, nothing great. If i get another, it won't be so thoughtless.

66. My tragus is peirced, along with 7 other ear holes.
67. My toungue is peirced. Extremely cliche, i know. But I like it because most people don't know about it. When people find out, they are usually shocked. I don't try to hide it, it hides itself!
68. I don't really watch TV, unless there is like, nothing else to do. I usually just watch what others watch. I dont have any must sees.
69. OK. except dr. phil and oprah.
70. I always have to pee. Thinking about peeing makes me pee. Knowing there won't be a bathroom makes me want to die.

71. As soon as I get home I put on comfy clothes. I hate sitting around in anything except jammies.
72. I wear slippers to the grocery store frequently.
73. I prefer old people to young people. I dont get along with many people my age.
74. I love buffets. I like to go to buffets with my mom and my sister.
75. My aunt and I have been to Sante Fe quite a few times. We usually go to Walmart there, and the Mall.

76. i take extremely hot showers. I would rather not shower than take a shower in lukewarm water.
77. I like to get up early. My favorite time of day is when its morning but still dark outside.
78. I like to camp, but not for long periods of time. Sort of depends on who I'm with.
79. I swam in one of those fountains that people throw pennies in once.
80. I dyed my hair pink in the bathroom of "Ross" in downtown Denver, and got kicked out. Ran down the street with hair dye in my hair to the Hard Rock Cafe where they so kindly let me rinse my hair in their toilet.

81. #79 and #80 were done with Vanessa, my all time best friend from middle school.
82. I ran away once. With Charlie. It was February 13 and we were freshmen. It was a dumb thing to do. I think we were gone for like 3 days and 2 nights.
83. I still feel really bad about that. Mostly because of how scared I made my family.
84. I peed on the floor of my brother's room once. Long story.
85. I don't like to excercise but i love the way it makes me feel. i have an annual pass to a really nice rec center.

86. I love to go to bed early but don't do it too often. I prefer to be in bed by 7:30 on Sundays.
87. I have always called my grandpa "papa".
88. I pop my back at least 5 times a day. I can't pop my neck.
89. Charlie can't pop his back. He can pop his neck.
90. Chocolate is my worst enemy and my best friend.

91. I prefer to avoid people whom I havent seen in awhile (like when I see them at the grocery store, etc). See #23.
92. I have only ever been to one funeral.
93. Without a shadow of a doubt, I want to be cremated. I do not want my body in a casket, open or closed.
94. I used to think republicans were stupid. if I ever vote, ill probably vote republican. this statement would arise happiness from some people in my life and disgust from others.
95. i have no opinion on george bush though. i dont pay enough attention to praise or criticize. the way i see it, i am alive and well, and thats cool with me.

96. i have a really bad childhood memory of being at someones house with my sister and brother and a lot of other kids. we were all eating 'flintstones push-pops' and there wasnt enough for my brother so he had to have a crappy popsicle. i am pretty sure i hated my brother at this time, but to this day, this memory makes me shudder with guilt and pity.
97. My cat is really stoned off of catnip right now. Its really funny.
98. I don't eat red meat or pork. Mostly just chicken and turkey (white meat only).
99. Exceptions: fat free bologna, beef jerky
100. I am no more interesting than anyone else who made this ridiculous list.

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